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Mark O’Connor has led a surf and music fuelled life alongside his craft of cabinetmaking and joinery. Mark’s immersion in New Zealand surfing, artisan craftsmanship and creative musicality gave birth to the emergence of MojoHand Shapes. The journey has been infinitely supported by the leading ladies in his life, Wife - Shaz and daughter - Jana. 


 In 2013 The magic MojoHand fell into the pocket, where traditional surf culture, bluesy riffs and working with your hands meet - 100 % hand-shaped custom surf-boards. 


MojoHand boards are shaped for you from start to finish by Mark in his humble, purpose-built workshop, on the hilltop perches of Whangamata. This loving home is where all Mojohand creations still arise. Mark’s style and ease in the water is channelled into all of his signature models and with the MojoHand charm they are all 100% unique and spiced to the taste and ability of each surfer. 


MojoHand Shapes is dedicated to the highest quality materials, authentic hand craftsmanship, attention to detail and style. Mark focuses on custom-shaping logs, longboards, mid-lengths and performance retro surf craft. His boards all behold an alternative flair which reflects his love for traditional styles of surfing. 


The Charming boards emerging from the Mojohand workshop feature resin pin-lines, resin tints, clean cut-laps and custom artwork collabs. Mark’s boards express a deeply curated taste for all things truly creative and hand-crafted. Every board with a MojoHand stamp has been made with love and integrity. The end result; Boards worth riding for a lifetime and waves beyond. 

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